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Modern Building

Tenant Improvement

Your commercial building is an important component to your livelihood and should be treated accordingly. United Construction provides a wide variety of tenant improvements to keep your business upgraded and staying fresh. We are well versed in the Retail Supermarket, Restaurant, and C-Store new builds and renovations. United Construction offers the complete Tenant Improvement package for your new renovated project. 

One of the unique aspects of United Construction is the fixturing and millwork division of our company. United Construction guides our clients through the tenant improvement process and provides the expertise and fixtures that make your business successful! Take a look at some of our most popular tenant improvement options - or give us a call to go through our complete list of services and skills.

Gondolas/Skating - 

United Construction provides store fixture installation quickly and efficiently - getting it right the first time!

We have the capabilities of demolition, reconstruction, or building and installation of gondolas - bringing the full package of gondola work to your establishment.

United Construction got our start in night work at grocery stores: making repairs and improvements by night, continuing business as usual during the day. We are experts in making improvements while keeping you fully operational during business hours.

Skating gondolas without having to unload/load product saves our clients time and money! Our team is fully set up for night work - when its time to open, we guarantee our team will have your store business ready each day.

Deli/Bakery Equiptment - 

United Construction has many years of experience installing the entire equipment list for bakeries, restaurant kitchens, delis, produce departments, cafeterias, and meat departments. From coordinating deliveries to scheduling contractors to do the work, United Construction takes each step in constant communication to our clients wishes. Our main priotity when installing any equiptment is to ensure delivery in a timely manner to keep our clients business fully functional and operational.

Pharmacy Fixtures - 

Pharmacy installations can be complicated: there are many regulations and rules to follow in order to remain compliant. Rest assured whether you are adding fixtures to an existing pharmacy or furnishing a new pharmacy, United Construction understand the sophistication of each development and handles it accordingly.

Cash Wraps - 

United Construction is a full service retail installation provider. With the evolution of retail, United Construction understands the need for regular upgrades and maintenance. We have a versatile work history in the installation and upgrading of all cash wrap needs.

Decor Packages - 

United Construction is a premier signage installation expert. Whether you are rebranding, upgrading your technology, or just freshening up your look, United Construction understand your needs. We install a wide variety of signs, from monument and LED signage to interior signage.

United Construction adheres to the highest-quality standards for our sign installation services.

Millwork Fabrication - 

United Construction is dedicated to providing excellence in millwork design, fabrication, and installation by combining high levels of customer service and reliability. Our commitment is to on-time delivery, competitive pricing, and the finest products available to achieve a superior result!

To find a complete scope of our millwork capabilities, visit our Millwork and Cabinetry page.

Tenant Improvements packages are such a wide scope of work - they need to be done constantly, correctly, and efficiently! We understand the need to find someone reliable and adaptable to change. United Construction constantly adapts with and for our clients - quickly! The pandemic of COVID-19 was a true testament on how we were able to step up as a company to serve our clients and our community in uncertain times. Please give us a call at (972) 722-2322 to speak with us about our full list of commercial tenant improvements!

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