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Modern Building


Your commercial building is an important and should be treated accordingly. You won't find a team more dedicated to a minimally invasive approach to the demolition process than at United Construction. Our goal is to keep your business full operational or downtimes to an absolute minimum.

United Construction is highly skilled and equipped for demolition

and construction site preparation.

Our main focus in the demolition process is to keep our clients business fully functional for as long as possible in order to keep revenue flowing.

United Construction got our start in night work at grocery stores: making repairs and improvements by night, continuing business as usual during the day, moving large fixtures stilvoaded down with product to save everyone time and money, and demoing small areas at a time, boxing them in with heavy plastic or makeshift walls and cleaning our mess so the store is ready to open the next day.

Although there are many types of demo work available to our clients, United Construction guarantees no one cares about protecting your livelihood more than us.

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