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Tenant Finish Out

Your commercial building is an important component to your livelihood and should be treated accordingly. Your success demands a team that adheres to a strict code of conduct, professionalism, and timeliness to get your livelihood up and running. Getting all of this at a price with integrity can be difficult to find, that's why United Construction has laid out our 6 laws of being a quality tenant finish out contractor.

We offer the services you need -
United Construction has a wide variety of services we offer. Due to our long history of different projects, extensive database of subcontractors, and big role we play in major corporations - you'd be hard pressed to find a skill we have not encountered. You can trust that our team of experts can create your vision by giving great guidance and helpful suggestions while walking you throught the new tenant process.

We have the work history of successfully completed projects -
United Construction casts a wide net of different types of completed projects. Whether you are building a restaurant, retail space, office cubicles, warehouse set up, grocery store, or gym - we have done it. Call us today and let us walk you through some of our similar projects to get you started on your brand new one.

We work with accredited architects and subcontractors -

One of our biggest focal points at United Construction is the knowledge we have about our local architects and subcontractors. We have spent the past 30 years building relationships with a database of partners all over Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana. A great project depends on knowing who to trust on behalf of our clients - and this trust is a privilege our team does not take lightly.

A personal step we take internally at United Construction is our weekly updates on our architects and subcontractors performance on all current projects. We like to keep our entire team up to date so we can accurately bid and schedule projects accordingly. This in turn eliminates the amount of unforeseen complications that we encounter during the construction process.

We have experience with the local permits and planning process -
In our line of work, United Construction spends a lot of time coordinating with the city to pull the proper permits and scheduling our work accordingly. Each city has a different process but by completing our due diligence we are able to step onto every job site completely prepared. Whether we are running the job site or joining a team - our experts do the research and ask the necessary questions to guarantee our work is not held up.

One of the biggest frustrations in any situation is when the city throws in a waiting period, forces locals to jump through hoops, and creates a puzzle to get construction of any kind moving. Trusting the right company who not only understand these processes but navigate them properly is essential to the on time completion of a project. With our wide range of knowledge and scope of work throughout Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana, United Construction makes that choice easy for you.

We specialize in minimizing the impact on day to day operations  -
How does one company who does so many different things become great at any one of them? We find what they all have in common and we make it our sweet spot. United Construction above all else focuses on the impact every project has on the owner. After awhile all construction projects become the same - unique in their own way until you break apart the pieces and lay them on paper. Once you have plans each project then just becomes fitting each one of those pieces together perfectly at a budgeted price. Easy.

Where a lot of companies go wrong is learning how to carry out these projects in a minimally invasive way. Construction doesn't just "take as long as it takes" and "make as big of a mess as it does.'" Some things absolutely do, yes. But not everything.

United Construction got our start in night work at grocery stores. Making repairs and improvements by night, continuing business as usual during the day. Moving large fixtures still loaded down with product, to save everyone time and money. Demoing small areas at a time, boxing them in with heavy plastic or makeshift walls, and cleaning our mess so the store is ready to open the next day.

By planning everything we can during non business hours and scheduling all other unavoidable projects perfectly together ahead of time, we guarantee the least amount of impact and downtime for each of our customers. No one takes being out of work or down for construction more seriously than United Construction.

We guarantee our work -
Once you partner with United Construction, you are family for life. No matter how diligent the planning is, there will forever be those "we did not think about this scenario" moments. United Construction guarantees our work - which means we are always a phone call away to walk you through any scenario that comes your way.

Whether we are making minor adjustments right after the fact or talking renovations years later, United Construction wants to forever be a part of your next project!

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