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General Contractor

Your commercial building is an important component to your livelihood and should be treated accordingly. Finding a team that remains accessible to your needs in order to deliver exceptional service while giving you a hard work ethic at a fair price seems impossible...until now.


  • Design Reviews

  • CTB Evaluations

  • Budgeting

  • Estimating

  • Permitting

  • Scheduling

  • Value Engineering

Construction Management

  • Project Management

  • Scheduling

  • Permitting

  • QAQC

  • Cost Control

  • Safety Program

  • Progress Reports


  • Punch List Administration

  • O&M Manuals

  • Warranty Administration

  • Building Operation Orientation

Subcontractor Selection
One of our biggest focal points as a general contractor is the knowledge we have about our local subcontractors. We have spent the past 30 years building relationships with a database of subcontractors all over Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana. A great project depends on knowing who to trust on behalf of our clients - and this trust is a privilege our team does not take lightly.

A personal step we take internally at United Construction is our weekly updates on our subcontractors performance on all current projects. We like to keep our entire team up to date so we can accurately bid and schedule projects accordingly. This in turn eliminates the amount of unforeseen complications that we encounter during the construction process.

What would your subcontractors say about you?

  • Hold accountable for performance and quality

  • Run a well-planned, well-executed project

  • Treat fairly

  • Pay bills on time

Throughout our years, United has developed a good reputation within the subcontractor community for well-managed, safe and coordinated projects. We set subcontractors up for success by clearly establishing schedule and quality expectations before we begin each project. They also know we will treat them fairly and that they will be paid on time. By providing such an environment, our subcontractors have confidence in the success of the project, which is then reflected in the good pricing we receive.

Quality Control
United Construction defines our procedures and practices using the framework established with every client during our pre-construction planning. This guarantees that each job is catered to the specific needs unique to each project. We believe that a clear vision of the end goal before the start date and constant communication is the best way to ensure all standards are met for our clients. United Construction has a commitment to quality and a strategy to drive industry standards for all of our clients!

Safety Program

Our site specific saftey training includes a training checklist, safety discipline policy and a signed “Safety Policy Statement”, reflecting Senior Management’s commitment to employee safety and loss control. Our goal is to have an accident-free workplace for the public, our employees and subcontractors.

Our program includes many aspects of personal safety awareness and emergency preparedness, along with a Site Specific Safety Program, developed to address site specific job site hazards. The safety hazards and challenges at each job site, although similar, are unique and should be evaluated and monitored specifically. Listed are some of the required items and activities for every job site:

  • Pre-construction meetings to review subcontractor safety plan/procedures. 

  • Site Specific Safety Orientation for Crew and Subcontractors 

  • OSHA 300 Summary Log 

  • Site Emergency Plan

  • Fall Protection Plan

  • Job site Safety Bulletin Board

  • Weekly Safety Meeting for Crew & Subcontractors

  • Weekly Job Safety Inspection

By enlisting a certified Safety Advisor and Trainer who audits our job site, United takes every step to prepare our employees to prevent accidents. We also conduct unannounced job site safety inspections to ensure all personnel are on full alert regarding their safety habits and protection.  

We constantly strive to improve safety performance through the use of personal safety equipment, on-going safety training and education, and thorough building awareness with our employees and subcontractors about safety-related issues.


  • Satisfied with the project in terms of quality, schedule and cost.

  • Highly-oriented to service.

  • Well organized.

  • Qualified personnel.

  • Timely paperwork.

  • Issues resolved as they arose.

  • Treated fairly.

  • Look forward to working with this contractor again.


At United Construction, providing an exceptional customer experience is our mantra, and being able to state that over 80% of our work is for repeat clients is testament that we do just that. Owner's know that by working with us that their project will run seamlessly as a result of our organized and methodical approach. Communication is key, along with being proactive and responsive from pre-construction through closeout.

“United’s ability to work as a team member with the Owner and Tenant to plan and phase projects and to execute complicated construction activities within critical and sensitive areas of a store has been a true asset to Whole Foods Market’ and its store operators."

— John Alpers , Senior Project Manager, Southwest Region | Whole Foods Market

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