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Residential Services

At United Construction we believe that a well taken care of home is the start to a happy and healthy life. We offer full residential roofing services including free inspections and cost-effective solutions for our customers. Coming from a commercial background, we also specialize in commercial grade custom millwork brought to the comfort of your home. This guarantees durability and an overall clean look brought to your at home workspace. Learn more about the residential services we provide by calling our team at (972) 722-2322 or getting a free estimate here.

Uniting construction techniques to build a full range of knowledge and skill for over 30 years! We are a boutique commercial construction firm that got into residential roofing with a personal mission: housing is a human right! We believe that every human deserves the right for a roof over their head and a place to "come home" to. If you would like to get involved in our efforts to put a roof over every human, you can read more about it here

We share this passion with our neighbors because there is nothing like coming home to a roof over our head at the end of a hard day or a long trip. United Construction wants to protect that roof by providing excellent and reliable services until the job is done. Here is a full list of the roofing services we offer:

  • New Roof Installationcomplete roof replacement is a great way to uprgrade your home and raise curb appeal.

  • Preventative Maintenancepreventative maintenance can help catch weakness in your roof before they become too costly. We reccommend a free annual roof inspection from United Construction.

  • Free Roof Inspectionswe offer free roof insepections annually and adhere to a strict two-person authentication process to ensure integrity in our evaluations and to keep your roof well maintained.

  • Roofing Repair -  small repairs can help prevent leaks, mold, mildew, and small animals from entering your home.

  • Shingles - we are well educated on every type of shingle on the market. Let us help with any type of repairs or replacement.

  • Ventilation - we can check to make sure your ventilation system is working properly in order to maximize your homes A/C and heating performance.

Other Residential Services We Provide:

  • Custom Millwork - we specialize in bringing commercial grade millwork and cabinetry to your home. This is perfect for utility rooms like garage workspaces, laundry rooms, and closets - for durability that lasts!

As your home needs maintainence and upgrades, you want it completed as quickly as possible for minimal interruption to your overall comfort. At United Construction, we understand that interruptions like these can be trying to your family's patience, understanding, and bank account. Count on the United Construction experts to provide guidence on insurance claims, design ideas, and next steps until the job is done. Proper communication and installation are the keys to getting reliable residential roofing or millwork upgrades. Shoddy installation from an unqualified contractor can compromise your family's home, costing you money in repairs and replacement. Let the United Construction team perform your residential services with the skill and experience needed to ensure that the job is done right. To learn more about your residential service options and how our experts can deliver a better residential experience for your residential structure, give United Construction a call at 972-722-2322!

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